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    Exterior Wash

    The work here is performed on the outside of the vehicle to restore its showroom shine. The vehicle’s paint is deep cleaned, mechanically deacon (Clay Barred) and chemically deacon (Iron Remover). Sealant then applied to paint to provide protection and Shine!

    • Clean tires, wheel wells, door jams.
    • Foam wash and dry vehicle. ( 2 bucket method hand wash)
    • used to reduce scratches/swirls during the washing process
    • Clean Exhaust tips.
    • Clean all door jams.
    • Clay Bar/Iron remover treatment. (removes fall-out, rail dust and other contaminates leaving a smooth finish)
    • Wax/Sealant applied to vehicles paint.
    • Clean all window/glass and seals.
    • Dress tires, wheels and exterior trim.
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    Disclaimer: All prices are dependent on vehicle condition. Additional charges may apply.